Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Carol's Loc Butter Review and BSL Update

Last week, I did the inevitable and ran out of my most precious commodity . . . my Shea Butter.  How could this happen?  What is the world coming to? 

I decided to twist my hair with Carol's Daughter Loc Butter which was a disaster.  I purchased this product over a year ago and could not remember why I stopped using it for my daughter's hair, which is sensitive to Shea butter.  Well I soon found out why:
  • My ends were dry the whole time and that has never happened with my Shea mixture
  • My roots kept buckling causing me to re-twist my hair, so now I'm double handling my hair.  You know I don't like this!
  • My twists were coming out causing me again to Double Handle my hair.  WTFreak!
  • After twisting out, my hair had SO MANY TANGLES!!!  Ugh!
I try to support family owned and small businesses but I'm sorry I can never use this product again.

As a result, I had to cut off some ends and trim my hair.  Any product that causes me to lose hair is not for me.  I think Carol's Daughter is a great product line but their Loc Butter only caused tangles and jangles for me.

Check out my video for this product review and to see a pic of my quest to BSL.

'Til next time,

Love and peace, Peace and love,


Friday, June 10, 2011

Twists Pin Up Style - Chop Sticks

Here's another pinned up style using chopsticks.  This hair accessory is very classy and can instantly add some style to your twists.

If you're concerned about cost of your accessories, don't be.  Venture out to your local supply stores and dollar stores.  I purchased 4 different types of chop sticks all for $1.00. 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Twists Pin Up Style

I decided to show some pin up styles I've done with my 2-strand twists.  I'll post the styles when I remember to take a picture of them.  :~)

Twists can get boring really fast if all you do is wear them down or in a bun.  I love hair accessories and will be showing how I make use of my hair bling.  Enjoy!

In this pic, my twists are in a bun with a pretty flower added to soften the look.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Twists are back :-)

Yesterday I twisted my hair in small twists, with a few sprinkles of medium size twists, to significantly reduce daily manipulation.  I love swimming and usually swim with my hair twisted.  However, during my vacation I swam with my hair out; freely floating in the water.  I did my usual routine of washing and conditioning afterwards and wore my hair in a wet bun.  When we returned home, I swam again with my hair out.  It was so hot 'til I wanted to calm my body temp down more so than worrying about my hair.

By Saturday, I realized I had wet and manipulated my hair every day for the last 1.5 weeks.  So Sunday, I twisted my hair and Monday wore it pinned.

So did my daily manipulation damage my hair and cause excessive shedding?  Absolutely, not!  I ensured my hair was heavily conditioned and added protein every other day to strengthen my tresses.  Wearing my hair in a wet bun also helped since my ends were conditioned and tucked away.

I'm truly starting to believe my hair will grow rather it's in a protective style or not.  The key is to ensure your ends have proper moisture-balance and you are eating balanced meals.

'Til next time,

Love and peace, Peace and love,


Friday, June 3, 2011

Vacation Hair

Hello Loves!  I returned from vacation and had no worries about the upkeep of my hair.  I left for vacation with a twist-out knowing it would be ruined since I planned on swimming.  My entire vacation was spent either in the sauna, swim pool, or shopping store lol. 

The day I went swimming, I prepped my hair prior to jumping in the pool with almond oil to coat my hair and protect it from the chlorine.  After swimming, I washed my scalp and hair with shampoo and conditioned as usual.  Since I knew I would be swimming the next day, I simply wore my hair in a bun.  Easy, breezy :-)

I've mentioned in my videos and blog, that my hair is gel sensitive and I did not want to apply gel on day only to wash it out the next.  So to lay down my ends and remove my fuzzy-wuzzies, I used Oyin Handmade's Shine and Define Serum and wore a satin scarf for about 15 minutes. 

'Til next time,

Love and peace, Peace and love,


Friday, May 27, 2011

Braid-n-Curl with no Heat - The Results!!

This video is part 2 of my Braid-n-Curl with no Heat technique.  I maintained this style similar to my other braid-n-curl video (using Lottabody) by pulling my hair back with a satin scarf and placing a bonnet over the scarf.

I'm becoming more adventurous with my hair and not as neurotic about wearing protective styles as I was last year.  I'm learning to love my hair more and let her loose sometime.

'Til next time,

Love and peace, Peace and love,


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Braid-n-Curl with no Heat

I recently finished a video on a braid-out that is really more of a braid-n-curl.  I used all natural products and spiral rods to give my hair more body and have plenty of bounce.  I absolutely love the results! There are 2 videos, with part 1 showing my process and part 2 with the results.

To achieve this style, I decided to not use Lottabody since I wanted to see how my hair will last without a product specializing in hold.  My main product was Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  This product was great with my daughter's hair so I was hoping it would work for me and it absolutely did. 

My hair is incredibly soft and has a ton of bounce and movement.  I layered my products in the following way:
  • Water for moisture
  • KCKT as a leave-in
  • Curl Enhancing Smoothie for moisture and shine
  • Very light amount of coconut oil for my ends
I must say the one thing I'm worried about is the hold.  I can already tell my hair is very, very soft so I know my curls will not last 6 days like the Lottabody allowed.  I plan on re-braiding my hair every other day to maintain the style and to prevent daily manipulation of my hair.

'Til next time,

Love and peace, Peace and love,